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IndeeLift for the Home/Business

 When Biff falls, Karen brings him the IndeeLift!

In just a couple of minutes he is back on his feet and on with his day!!

                         HFL in Action With Biff & Karen

With the "Human Floor Lift” from Indeelift, there is no need to call for help!


 HFL Mount


A couple of scoots and one slides right on to the IndeeLift seat. With the push of a button they are raised.

A minute later the fallen is back up in a sitting position so they can stand up and walk away!


The Human Floor Lift was designed to help mobility challenged individuals, maintain their independence, privacy and dignity by allowing them to get up from the floor, without calls to the family, neighbors, or 911.

There are two IndeeLift home models to choose from, the HFL-300 and the HFL-400 with 300 lb. and 400 lb. capacities.

IndeeLift Home/Business Video

IndeeLift Home/Business Product Sheet

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