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  • IndeeLift in the Home
    Makes Fall Recovery Safe & Easy!
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    Safeguards Caregivers & Patients
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    Safely Lifts Any Patient
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    Quickly Back on Your Feet
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    Easy Storage
  • IndeeLift for EMS
    Better, Faster, Safer!
  • IndeeLift Human Floor Lifts
    Many Conditions Cause Falls
  • IndeeLift Human Floor Lifts
    People Often Need Help Back Up
  • IndeeLift in the Home
    Provides Peace of Mind
  • IndeeLift in the Home
    Maintains Privacy, Dignity & Independence



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The People Picker Upper!

IndeeLift has developed a line of human floor lifts that are specifically designed to pick people up safely from the floor. Our patented family of products address the growing need to help people up from the floor avoiding further injury to the fallen or those who care for them.
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We are in the business of picking people up from the floor.  If you have a problem we have the answer!

Introducing the newest "People Picker Upper"

The HFL-500-E for Emergency Medical Services is now available!!



Eighty percent (80%) of all falls cause no injury. ** The person on the floor just needs some help getting back up on their feet. The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift (HFL) is a revolutionary product created to assist individuals who have fallen to the floor and are unable to get up without assistance. The IndeeLift HFL was developed for three distinct user classes: residential and commercial use, for professional healthcare workers and for emergency medical services personnel.

In the home, the HFL raises a person off the floor with a mechanism that is either self or assist-operated, preserving the dignity, safety, and independence of the individual, while preventing injuries to those helping the fallen back on their feet.

For professional healthcare, the HFL replaces cumbersome sling-style lifts, helping patients get to their feet quickly or be transferred to a bed or wheelchair without the need for a lift team. The HFL also eliminates the risk of back injuries to the care providers and is much simpler to operate than lifts using slings and suspending the patient in mid-air.

For emergency medical services, the HFL is a simple and portable tool designed specifically for medical-emergency and lift-assist calls involving patient lift and/or transport. The HFL for EMS allows emergency responders to quickly accomplish their mission while eliminating the potential for injury to the patient or to the responders. The EMS HFLs feature all-terrain wheels and easily fold to fit on all emergency apparatus. 

** CDC Report @ http://www.cdc.gov/HomeandRecreationalSafety/Falls/nursing.html


If you are interested in learning more about “The People Picker Upper” then please call us at 1-844-700-5438 or click HERE.