Hal 3/22/2018

This product is a godsend! A fantastic device! The customer service was excellent. Also, the machine itself is definitely very high quality! Definitely count us as extremely satisfied customers!

Carolyn 3/22/2018

The lift is the only way my Mom can help my Father get up when he falls. The lift does not tip during the lift process which is critical. It’s wonderful!!!

JH - 3/22/2018

Thank God there is such machine that we can use at home to help ourselves!!

Jeffrey - 3/22/18

My call to you was prompted by one of the worst experiences in my life. I fell and couldn’t get up. I struggled hideously, finally got up exhausted, depressed and frightened. I found you and was ready when I fell this morning. The machine was faultless!

Captain Kurtis Dickey - Paramedic

The IndeeLift EMS model will absolutely prevent back injuries and extend firefighters careers.

Simply put, if you want to have a full career, and you want to have a good quality of life during your career as a Firefighter, you need an IndeeLift.

RA 8/23/2017

I had a hard time picking up my father off the floor every night about 2 to 3 times out of the night. AMAZING, heaven sent.

Safe Home Design Professional

Simplistic design that appears to be a perfect application for helping people with disabilities.

Ann 6/24/2017

I fall very easily, and call paramedics often to help me up. Very satisfied. It is a comfort to know help is within my household, very easy to use.

Jane 3-22-2018

there when I needed it

JT 7/20/2017

I have been looking for a device like the IndeeLift for over a year that is simple enough for my 80-year-old mother-in-law to use as well as affordable. If my wife has a fall while I am away. She can simply wheel it over to my wife to get herself on it.

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