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Choosing The Right Product

Choosing The Right IndeeLift Device


Choosing the right IndeeLift can be a crucial decision to ensure your mobility and safety at home, assisted living center, or nursing home. Here’s a guide to help you pick the right IndeeLift for your needs:

  1. Lifting Range: The lifting range of an IndeeLift refers to how high the lift can raise you or the person you are lifting.

PPU: The PPU lifts from the floor to a chair height of 21” (54 cm). This is used by people who can stand up from a chair height, or who will transfer to a wheelchair or other seated surface.

PPU-S: The PPU-S lifts from the floor to a full standing height of 30” (76 cm).  This lift is used for people who are ambulatory but may not be able to stand up from a chair height.

  1. Consider physical limitations: The first step is to assess physical limitations and the amount of assistance needed to come to standing. For example, individuals with neuromuscular diseases such as Inclusion Body Myositis or Multiple Sclerosis typically need an IndeeLift that raises to a full standing height (Model PPU-S) due to weakened leg muscles. Those who can stand up from chair height or transfer to a wheelchair or other seated surface would benefit from using the floor to seat height IndeeLift (Model PPU).
  2. Weight capacity: IndeeLift PPU and PPU-S devices can each lift up to 400 lb. (180 kg).
  3. Stand-On Feature: The PPU-S has the added feature of allowing the user to stand on the unit to enable them to reach into a high cabinet or to be raised onto a high surface such as a tall bed.



The FTS-600 lifts a person weighing up to 600 lb. from the floor to full standing height (30” (76 cm).

Radiology Clinics: The FTS-600 will raise a standing patient so they can access a high radiology or treatment table. 

Hospitals: The FTS-600 is a solution for fall recovery, safely lifting a fallen person from the floor to a seated or standing height. It can be operated with one staff member, is easily transported to the fallen person, and does not require the use of a sling mechanism.

Table Guide

Lift HeightFloor to Standing ~30 inches (76cm) Floor to Seat ~21 inches (54cm)Floor to Standing ~30 inches (76cm)
Weight Capacity400 lbs./180kg (EU)400 lbs./180kg (EU)600 lbs./272kg (EU)
# of Safety Belts 212
“Stand-On” Feature YesNoNo

*All of our units enable the user to get down on the ground for certain activities such as exercising or gardening; and to transfer to varied surfaces such as a low couch or recumbent bike.

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