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Choosing The Right Product

Choosing The Right IndeeLift Device

Choosing the right IndeeLift can be a crucial decision to ensure your mobility and safety at home.

Here’s a guide to help you pick the right IndeeLift for your needs:

1. Lifting Range:

The lifting range of an IndeeLift refers to how high the lift can raise you or the person you are lifting. IndeeLift has models that raises to a full standing height (Models PPU-S or FTS-400) while others only require the platform to be raised to a seated height (Models PPU or HFL-400-D).

2. Consider your physical limitations:

The first step is to assess your physical limitations and the amount of assistance you need to come to standing. For example, individuals with neuromuscular diseases typically need an IndeeLift that raises to a full standing height (Models PPU-S or FTS-400) due to weakened leg muscles. Those who are able to stand up from chair height or transfer to a wheelchair or other seated surface would benefit from using the floor to seat height IndeeLift (Models PPU or HFL-400-D).

3. Weight capacity:

IndeeLifts come in different weight capacities. Either up to 300 lbs. (Models PPU and PPU-S) or up to 400 lbs. (Models HFL-400-D / FTS-400). Make sure you choose a lift that can support your correct weight.

4. Stand-On Feature:

The Floor to Stand lifts (Only Models PPU-S and the FTS-400) have the added feature of allowing the user to stand on the unit to enable them to reach into a high cabinet or to be raised onto a high surface such as a tall bed.

All of our units enable the user to get down on the ground for certain activities such as to exercise or garden; and transfer to varied surfaces such as a low couch or recumbent bike.

Table Guide

Lift HeightFloor to Standing ~30 inches (76cm) Floor to Standing ~30 inches (76cm) Floor to Seat ~21 inches (54cm)Floor to Seat ~21 inches (54cm)
Weight Capacity300 lbs./150kg (EU)400 lbs./180kg 300 lbs./150kg (EU)400 lbs./180kg
# of Safety Belts 2211
“Stand-On” Feature YesYesNoNo

*FTS-400 is compliant with the EU medical device certification.

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